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Blake, Barbara (1)

10X10X10 is Barbara Blake's first fiction publication since she had work accepted by her high school literary magazine about a hundred years ago.

Corrigan, Dawn (1)

An accurate number of Dawn Corrigan's rejections would be difficult to gauge, but she can confirm that her poems, stories, personal essays, 10-minute plays, and screenplays have been rejected, as have a novel and a novella. She's looking forward to completing many more rejectable manuscripts, especially novels. This story in particular was rejected by Glimmer Train, Fairy Tale Review, juked, Opium, The Big Jewel, and Duck & Herring Co before finally finding a home at 10X10X10. Dawn's very happy it's appearing at this cool site. You can reach her here.

Deane, Matthew (3)

Matthew Deane is a rejected (but not dejected) writer from New Hampshire. He is rather new to the submissions and rejections process, having only started down the long-suffering road of the writer in 2007, when he joined a local writer’s group at the behest of his wife. Since then he has been rejected by several agents, publications, and contests, but oddly enough, never by a reader. His creative non-fiction stories have been dredged from the depths of his own memory, and his writing casts a humorous light on the physical, mental, and emotional rigors of growing up. Some of his work can be found here, and you may contact him here.

DuPre, Keesa Renee (3)

Keesa Renee DuPre's work has been rejected by such notable magazines as Realms of Fantasy, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and Jim Baen's Universe, among many, many others.  In fact, she can claim rejections from almost every pro-rate magazine listed on Ralan's or Duotrope, as well as from the vast majority of others.  She lives in Alabama but is currently spending a year doing missions work in Peru.

Gale, Barry G. (2)

Barry G. Gale's poems and short stories have been rejected by some of the best and some of the worst literary journals in America and abroad.  And on countless occasions.  The New Yorker has not only rejected numerous poems and short stories by Mr. Gale, but has never even had the courtesy to say they were in fact rejected.  Barry Gale lives and works in Arlington, Virginia.

Gershman, Charles (1)

Charles Gershman's fiction has been rejected by the Michigan Quarterly Review, The Iowa Review, Ploughshares, Boulevard, The Paris Review, The New Yorker, Harper's, The Atlantic Monthly, The Yale Review, and others. He edits Brink Magazine and lives in New Haven, Connecticut. E-mail him here

Houston, Graeme S. (3)

Graeme S. Houston has had work rejected by Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Grasslimb, Strange Horizons, GUD, Shimmer, and Pedestal Magazine, among many others. This year he is aiming for 300 rejections. He hails from Scotland, though whether or not he can be found there depends on the weather. His website can be found here, and he can be contacted here.

Howse, Joseph (3)

Joseph Howse has received over 300 rejections from novel publishers, picture book publishers, literary agents, anthologies, journals, magazines, and webzines on 4 continents. (Astonishingly, his record of newspaper acceptances remains unblemished.) Strange Horizons has rejected his work but has subsequently put him in charge of its Articles department, proving that sometimes first impressions count for nothing. He is steadily working on converting humanity to Nummism -- the worship of his apotheosized cat, NummNumm. Twice per day, every day, he eats haddock with spinach and mashed potatoes. He is Nova Scotian, with an uncropped beard that catches molasses from his breakfast toast.

Hughes, John Calvin (2)

Though the author of the scholarly book The Novels and Short Stories of Frederick Barthelme, John Calvin Hughes has had stories, poems, articles, and books rejected by The New Yorker, Georgia Review, Random House, Comparative Literature, Blackbird, Missouri Review, Confrontation, and many, many others.  He took seriously Berryman's advice to Merwin to paper his walls with rejection slips.

Hui, Clifford A. (2)

After he retired from his life as a research biologist four years ago, Clifford A. Hui continued his personal growth by learning about writing fiction.  He's been encouraged by having some of his work published in The Yolo Crow, The Flatlander, www.wanderingarmy.com and now 10X10X10.

Kirchmeier, Kurt (1)

Kurt Kirchmeier currently lives and writes in Saskatoon, SK. His fiction has been rejected by such esteemed magazines as Chizine, F&SF, and Strange Horizons, and is slated to be bounced by many more fine publications in the future. To find out about the excellent venues in which Kurt's fiction has actually appeared, visit him here.

Kirton, Hank (2)

Hank Kirton has written ten unpublished novels. The first two he didn't bother to submit. The third he sent to St. Martin's Press, "just to see what a rejection letter looks like." Since then he's collected over 100 "Get lost!" missives. He constructs papier-mache busts of Priscilla Dean with them. For more information on Priscilla Dean, contact him.

Marquart, Matthea (1)

Matthea Marquart is proud to have had her stories read (and rejected) by top publications like BIG News, Harper's Magazine, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Mslexia, The November 3rd Club, and Stirring. She once had a story rejected less than one day after submissions. She is a trainer by day and loves facilitating workshops for adults and teens on a wide range of topics such as multicultural matters, mentoring, and educational strategies. She can be contacted here.

Martoccia, Randall (2)

Randall Martoccia is the great (x 200,000) grandson of Grothbart Ikthub of the Ikthub clan of the African plain. As the great Grothbart wielded his club while chasing mastodons on the Serengeti, Martoccia wields his keyboard chasing recognition. Unfortunately, unlike his forebears, Martoccia must also work a real job -- teaching at East Carolina University -- in order to feed himself.

McGovern, Carolyn (2)

Carolyn McGovern's work has been rejected by Small Spiral Notebook, Smokelong Quarterly, Flash Me Magazine and many other publications with the word "review" in their title (Baltimore Review, Vestal Review, Missouri Review, etc.).   There was a time when she couldn't wait for the day when she was rejected because it would prove that she had actually completed something.  Be careful what you wish for.  On the bright side, she has recently been published in Shine...The Journal and Clever magazine.

Meyer, David (2)

David Meyer's work has been rejected by journals on four continents: The Dublin Quarterly representing Europe, The Istanbul Literature Review for Asia, Etchings in Australia, and a long and distinguished list of American journals including Story Quarterly, Tin House, and many others.  He is currently completing his second novel, which will be looking for rejections by agents some time this fall.  You can contact him here.

Michalski, Jen (2)

Over the past four years, Jen Michalski has sent her work out 284 times and been accepted 40, giving her an acceptance rate of 14%, which is much, much better than her chances of winning the lottery. Her notable rejections include The New Yorker, The Missouri Review, One Story, Glimmer Train, The North American Review, The Gettysburg Review, and many, many, many others.

Moyer, Dan (1)

Dan Moyer is a college student at Rutgers University, which means that no well-respected magazine takes him seriously. He has been rejected by the New Yorker, 3AM, and literally a dozen others. In fact, he once received a response from an editor who claimed that they could not accept the submission because their magazine had been shut down. However, once he checked the website a week later, Dan found it was up and running. Apparently the editor juts wanted to let him down easy. However, Dan is consumed by the ignorance of youth, and therefore, continues to write short stories, and as of recently, has begun work on his second book. Dan is a lifelong resident of Hightstown, NJ. Contact him here.

Pobo, Kenneth (1)

Kenneth Pobo believes that if he had saved his rejection slips, he would have no room left in his house. His work has been rejected since he was 19 and he is now 52.
He doesn't mind rejections as much as he minds editors who hold work for several trillion centuries, especially those with "no simultaneous submissions" policies. Even bad news is news.

Robinson, Margaret A. (1)

Margaret A. Robinson has received a total of eighteen rejections from "Missouri Review," "Slipstream," and "West Branch."  She has had two rejections from "Crazyhorse" and one from "Nimrod."  Robinson expects a fifth rejection from "Runes" any day now.   She lives in Pennsylvania and receives messages here

Sanville, Terry (2)

As a straight-ahead jazz guitarist and an urban planner who favors growth control, Terry Sanville is used to having his ideas rejected. As far as his short fiction is concerned: “The story is well written but just doesn’t meet our needs…” is the typical editorial response he receives. Sound familiar?  With 1,700 submissions over the past three years (Jeez, that a lot of stamps and e-mails), his acceptance rate is about 4%.  He’s been rejected by the finest print journals and magazines (Ploughshares, The New Yorker, The Kenyon Review, Agni, The Sun, The New England Review, Glimmer Train) but is making inroads into the Community College and State University circuit.  Not bad for someone on the verge of geezerdom.

Schwartz, Peter (2)

Peter Schwartz is the former editor of 'eye' and an associate art editor of Mad Hatters' Review. His artwork can be seen all over the Internet but specifically here.  His paintings have been published on such sites as HiNgE, Subtle Tea, and Mastodon Dentist. His paintings are in the print journals Orange Coast Review, Whiskey Island, and the Louisiana Review, to name a few. He has over 200 poems published in such journals as Porcupine, Vox, and Sein und Werden. His fiction has been published on such sites as Pindeldyboz and Dogmatika. His last exhibition was through Aesthetica Magazine and featured a projection of one of his digital paintings on a busy street in York, UK. Currently he is working on paintings for an exhibit at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.

Thompson, Stephen L. (2)

In the six or seven years since Stephen L. Thompson wrote this story, it has been rejected and failed to place in contests twelve times.  Apparently, the thirteenth time’s the charm.  To see his stories that have barely made it past the rejection stamp, you can check out his website at www.oneoveralpha.com.

Valentine, Genevieve (1)

Genevieve Valentine is a writer living in New York. She is 1/3 of the editors of Defenestration Magazine. That is the extent of her math ability.

Winthrop, Elizabeth (1)

Elizabeth Winthrop is a published fiction writer whose poetry has been rejected by Charter Oak Review, Kalamazoo Review, Nation and Poetry Magazine among others. This is her first online publication. You can learn more here.




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