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02/01/07: "us" is, in reality, just me.

Most editors will advise that writers should spend time on the other side of the desk. In answer to this, 2007 will see the launch of 10X10X10, an online magazine containing 10 stories by authors who have written at least 10 stories and have been rejected at least 10 times each.

10X10X10 has no regular release schedule as of yet; each issue will fill with whatever work I get that is of quality enough to deserve publication. I donít know if that means Iíll release an issue a week or an issue every three months. I look forward to finding out...

Also, do you like the minimalism or is it too minimal? Let me know.

10X10X10 is de Katharine Coldiron, and is free to all.



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French films are "de" the director, which means some combination of "of", "by," and "from."
There's no equivalent in English, except perhaps "A Spike Lee Joint."